pic of foot

shoe too small
Back feet too small shoes too low angle. This is way too common, there is no support to bone column at all.

front feet uneven, left half inch longer
under run heels, shoes too small

If you look at these pictures all these have under run heels. This is the number one cause of lameness in horses. The second most common cause is out of balance medial lateral.All of these problems can be fixed simply by tacking the time to measure, toe length hoof angle and most of all using a T  square!! Last week I had a horse come 6 1/2 hours because of being diagnosed as a navicular horse It turned out he was gust out of balance medial lateral. We x-rayed him before trimming it showed he was out. We then trimmed him and re x-rayed to see the difference it showed he was balanced perfect to his bone structure,this was very interesting to me. But it makes me wounder why more farriers don't use tools to measure hoof angle toe length and use a T square!! I am 100 % positive that if farriers would learn to use these tools we would have a lot less lame horses.