Calbar & Lolli Pop (Guest Post-Patsy Watson)

I purchased a horse that seemed perfect for me, she was so quiet. But soon I started to notice things weren’t right. She stood with her legs further underneath her than normal (camped under), she would be in a sweat if tied up in the barn and lay down more than she should. When she walked her back ankles wobbled. A friend, who is knowledgeable about horses thought she seemed depressed and had heat in her left front pastern. She suggested we try taking her to Ian.

Our trip to Ian’s takes 4 hours and when we unloaded the mare she was soaking wet with sweat. Ian had me walk her around while he watched her and then he went to work. He said she had under run heals. He put shoes on her and said she shouldn’t be ridden for awhile. After a few months he told me the more I rode her the better, as it would get the blood circulating in her foot and help with the healing.

Over the next couple of years with regular trips to Ian this horse health transformation has been wonderful to watch. There is no wobble in her ankles, she stands normal, she has energy, and her hair coat is shiny. She often is the leader taking the herd out to the pasture. When we unload her at Ian’s she is completely dry.

We believe this is all a result of her feet being properly trimmed and balanced.

We have since purchased another horse with the same problem (this is a common problem we have come to understand). She also had white line disease. 

She ended up with an abscess in her left front hoof. It burst and her hoof had a crack running the length of her hoof. Ian had to put a stitch in the crack and it has now totally healed. The pictures show her crack in her hoof after the abscess.

This one shows it healed up. I also just wanted to say, the day Ian put the"stitch": in her hoof, I must have looked worried, because I remember Ian saying to me, "If I had a dollar for everyone of these I have done I would be a millionaire". And of course it worked wonderfully as you can see by her hoof now.

When we first had this horse she would crouch down when she was mounted. She no longer does that.

Ian believes in a properly trimmed and balanced foot. For Ian, it is all about the horse. We have seen the overall health of our horses improve dramatically with regular trips to Ian.

Thanks Ian for caring.
Bob and Patsy Watson

(Guest Post-Lynette Brodoway)

Ian has been taking care of my horses' feet for over 10 years. Because of his knowledge, experience and commitment to the well-being of my horses, I have very few lameness issues. His dedication to this industry is commendable and very much appreciated. Ian's integrity precedes him in everything he does. Every accomplishment achieved with my horses is in part thanks to Ian.

Proverbs 1:5 A wise man will hear and increase learning, and a man of understanding will attain wise wisdom.

Grey (Guest Post-Kevin Schreiner)

In the summer of 2008. I hurt my horse at a rodeo. I took him to the vets and they said it was soft tissue damage to turn him out. I turned him out for a year then back to the vets. They found a bone spur on his navicular and said he would need regular injections and would never be sound. I started getting his feet done by Ian Zoerb. With no injections he went on to win the 2009 team roping at the Canadian Finals. He is still sound today.
This shows greys left front in balance, this is the reason for being sound today
Note; When Kevin first brought Grey to me he had under run heels and was out of balance medial lateral.I believe that these are the main causes of navicular.

Doc Lindy (Guest Post-Marti Fuhriman)

In the spring of 2009, I had the privilege to become one of Ian's regular clients. I would not have imagined that using the 'tools' that he does would make such a noticeable difference in the overall soundness of my horses. I had one horse in particular that had under run heals and in the first shoeing I could see major improvement. By using the T-Square for better accuracy to ensure a balanced foot not only did my horses travel better but the regular "adjustments" needed in the shoulders, pelvis and hips almost disappeared completely in a couple resets. If they are level and balanced at the bottom - there are few problems at the top.
Thank you Ian for your care and dedication to your industry and on a personal note for keeping my horses sound and running at the top of their game.

Marti Fuhriman & Doc Lindy: 2009 Alberta Barrel Racing Association Open High Point Champion

GW (Guest Post-CCC)

This is the story of a fine old horse and a how much a good farrier can help.

GW got injured when we lent (never lend folks horses) him to a fellow for his little girls to ride. He sliced his foot badly on the tin on their barn (dangerous dang stuff) while they were on holidays with someone else doing chores; no one noticed. When the fellow came home he noticed but didn't think it was important enough to do anything about it or let us know till much later.

By the time we got him back it was bad. The fellow was going to pay (but started complaining right away) and the vets had a horrific plan to cure this, so we brought him home. We weren't sure what to do. My husband said it wouldn't hurt to take him to Ian and just see if there was something he could do.

He and a fine young lady vet, Dr. Kirby Finkbinder, looked the situation over and his foot went from this.

 to this
to this

and finally to this, before we left that first visit

It took a lot of work on Ian's part after that and on our part too for well over a year but . . .

it was all so worth it. The sorrel with our grandsons riding is GW, now.