GW (Guest Post-CCC)

This is the story of a fine old horse and a how much a good farrier can help.

GW got injured when we lent (never lend folks horses) him to a fellow for his little girls to ride. He sliced his foot badly on the tin on their barn (dangerous dang stuff) while they were on holidays with someone else doing chores; no one noticed. When the fellow came home he noticed but didn't think it was important enough to do anything about it or let us know till much later.

By the time we got him back it was bad. The fellow was going to pay (but started complaining right away) and the vets had a horrific plan to cure this, so we brought him home. We weren't sure what to do. My husband said it wouldn't hurt to take him to Ian and just see if there was something he could do.

He and a fine young lady vet, Dr. Kirby Finkbinder, looked the situation over and his foot went from this.

 to this
to this

and finally to this, before we left that first visit

It took a lot of work on Ian's part after that and on our part too for well over a year but . . .

it was all so worth it. The sorrel with our grandsons riding is GW, now.