Doc Lindy (Guest Post-Marti Fuhriman)

In the spring of 2009, I had the privilege to become one of Ian's regular clients. I would not have imagined that using the 'tools' that he does would make such a noticeable difference in the overall soundness of my horses. I had one horse in particular that had under run heals and in the first shoeing I could see major improvement. By using the T-Square for better accuracy to ensure a balanced foot not only did my horses travel better but the regular "adjustments" needed in the shoulders, pelvis and hips almost disappeared completely in a couple resets. If they are level and balanced at the bottom - there are few problems at the top.
Thank you Ian for your care and dedication to your industry and on a personal note for keeping my horses sound and running at the top of their game.

Marti Fuhriman & Doc Lindy: 2009 Alberta Barrel Racing Association Open High Point Champion