Front view

When viewing a horse from front we have been told look at straight lines. Most horses are not built that way. When you look at the chest, the joint between scapula humerus and humerus elbow joint. If they are wider at bottom the horse will toe in. If they are wider at the top and narrower at bottom the horse usually will toe out.

These diagrams show the bone structure differences between toed in and toed out.

 These three horses are wider at top so they toe out.

This horse also has a deviation in his leg plus a rotated cannon bone. If you trim this horse to stand straight you will make him sore. But if you balance him to his cannon bone he WILL stay sound.

This x-ray shows a medial-laterally balanced foot the lines between the bones are even. On a unbalanced foot they will be compressed on one side and open on the other. This foot was balanced using a T square.

When viewing a horse from front look for deviation rotations and offset knees.This will help you to see why the horse is toeing in or out.

                             The black horse is a perfect example of diagram on the left.