Under Run Heels

X-ray shows proper bone alignment.






What do pictures A, B, C, D, and E all have in common? Under run heels. A, C, and D  all have low, crushed heels.  B and E have high heels but thay are still too far forward. The rasp shows how much too far forward the heels are)


F and G show where the heels should be, in line with cannon bone.

This is a good example of a shoe that is to small. Drawing the heels forward. It also causes the heel crumble under weight.

A real good example of under run heels. If you look close you can see a leather pad. Even though they raised the heels the shoe is way to small.  
This shows where the heels are. In front of the pastern joint.

This shows how far back thay should be on the pastern joint. 

This shows a foot balance to pastern joint, pastern and foot are at same angle